Calming the Capricious Canine

Welcome Students!

I’m thrilled you have signed up for my class. The end goal of Calming the Capricious Canine is to desensitize your dog’s reactions to other dogs, people or anything else that overwhelms, agitates or over-excites them. Your dog’s progress throughout the course will be completely dependent on where they start and how much you’re able to practice.

To make good progress, practice each week’s lessons 2-3 times minimum before attempting the next week. Also note that it may take more than one week of practice for your dog to be able to do the next week’s lessons.

Speaking of weeks, be aware that each week releases seven days from the one prior. Since you won’t be able to jump ahead, PRACTICE what you learned as much as possible and enjoy the results. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me either in the forum, the comment boxes, or via email. You’re welcome to post videos of your practice in the comments and forums and I’ll happily give them a look. Happy Training! - Molly Sumridge CDBC