Captivating Connections:
Week 4 - Buffet Week!

Welcome to Week 4! You’re past the halfway mark and your dogs are getting the idea that pretty cool things happen when they interact with you. Time to BLOW THEIR MINDS!

This week we are going to be insanely generous with food. But only for ONE WEEK. I recommend doing these exercises with your dog just once a month after this course is completed. It really boosts the relationship collateral.

This week you will need something relatively special - deli meat, fancy liver treats, something that will make your dog go gaga. We are going to do 2 very simple games. While you’re working on these games, it’s up to you if you want to continue the exercises from last week. If you have a lot of time, go ahead, but since this week is about turning up the relationship volume, just focusing on these is fine.

So Why More Food?

All relationships are built on positive transactions. This may seem strange if you have the mindset that dogs are obligated to interact with us. Remember, your primitive dog didn’t sign that obligation agreement. They require collateral to assure that the effort they put forth in this relationship will be compensated in a way that they like. The easiest, fastest, and most effective route is with food. So this week we are making a huge deposit in this relationship. Think of it like a windfall. It will only be for a short time but it will deepen things significantly.

So let’s get started!

Look! - The Human Knows Stuff (assisted find it game)

Shut your dog out of a room or in a crate. Then hide some of the most amazing treats around the room. Then release your dog into the room AND help them find the treats. This is not a hunting or nose work game. Do not use a “find it” or “search” cue. Use some other word like “look,” “what’s this,” or “wow!”

This is a cooperative exercise. You are going to show them where every tidbit is hidden. Try and go as fast as you can. If when you are done your dog is focused on you, you can proceed with practicing manners or tricks but that is optional.

Hide It!


Find It!

Food happens - Human pinata

In this exercise, you are going to drop food on the ground or hand it to them any time they interact with you. It’s up to you if you want to feed for vocalizing. If you are trying to create confidence you can feed for vocalizing. If you are trying to calm enthusiasm, don’t feed for vocalizing. I like enthusiasm from my dogs so I feed for vocalizing, just be careful what you wish for.

Start with 5-10 treats and just play till you run out. Do not show them the “no cookie” hands when you run out. Just walk away and do something else. NEVER tell them out are out of food.


Blow Your Dog’s Mind!!!!

Practice “Food happens - Human pinata” a few times a day. Short fun sessions.

Practice “Look! - The Human Knows Stuff (assisted find it game)” 2-3 times this week. Make the searches a little longer than my video.

Bonus! Post about your progress in the comments and your instructors will respond!