Gettin’ Tricksy With It
Week 6:

Arm Hoop

For our last trick involving jumps, we are going to do an Arm Hoop! Go back to where you had first started working on the jumps (so you are blocked on one side). Have your arm up a little higher than where you first began, since your dog should be comfortable with that by now. Eliminate the Ground Target totally by just putting the food out on the ground. As you have your dog jumping over, then going around your body, begin to put your other arm up above, almost making a circle. Continue to move away from whatever is blocking the one side, and close up that Arm Hoop!

Use momentum to your advantage if your dog gets stuck!


Let’s return to the Bow! At this point, your dog should be comfortable going in to that position from a stand, and NOT going in to a down. Now we get to reward for more duration, and begin to pull our hands back to make sure the dog remains in said position.

For my dogs, their cue to Bow looks like I am starting to bow! So I am already starting to do that type of gesture with my hands.

Roll Over

The second part of Roll Over should be to build more muscle memory for this trick. If you would like, you can also start to teach a lay on their side. There are many uses for that trick! You just have to reward part way through the Roll Over to build duration for that position. I’ve found that by doing it “backwards” (so teaching a full Roll Over first), the dogs get on to their sides very quickly!

There are so many more tricks you can do with your dog, but the skills you’ve learned in the past 6 weeks have set the foundations for many of the favorite crowd pleasers! Be creative, have fun, and keep Gettin’ Tricksy With It to make your pup Facebook and Insta famous!!!


Arm Hoop: Get your dog jumping through your arms without the ground target. You should still toss food for them to get, however.

Bow: Add duration in position, and start to fade the lure as much as you can.

Roll Over: Get rid of the food in your hand, and start to fade your hand movement little by little.


I also wanted to say THANK YOU to my amazing students. I am so proud of your progress and I look forward to hearing all about your future progress in the community. You are now proud members of #TeamSelectiveHearing and I can’t wait to hear about your future exploits. Get out there and show the world your amazing Couch Wolves!