Defining Primitive Dogs

What is a “primitive dog”?
Both “cultured” and “uncultured” breeds that still maintain ancient genes, primitive appearance and retention of wild traits. Previous exclusive literature has not benefited primitive breeds and their enthusiasts in the past. Therefore we choose to be inclusive about who fits under this umbrella and we offer a long and exhaustive list of what dog breeds fit. However, if your dog is not included and still shows many of the traits of other primitive dogs, in our opinion you are just as welcome.

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But My Primitive Dog Doesn't Like Food...: How to deal with a lack of food motivation

It is true that the ideal training scenario is to have a biddable food driven dog who will do anything for a morsel of kibble. But not every dog is going to fit that mold and in fact, most probably won't at some point or another. Don’t let trainers or owners shame you into thinking something is wrong with you, your training, or your dog. There are many reasons why your dog may not be motivated by food. There are also many solutions.

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Recovery Walks and the Primitive Dog

You’ve had a bad day at work.  You come home to a super excited and energetic dog.  Or maybe you just had a negative experience at a dog sports competition.  You wake up the next morning and your dog is ready to go, go, go.  Your motivation for training is at a low, as is your desire to go for a walk around the neighborhood.  Bully sticks and other chews are great, food puzzles are also super fun.  But your dog needs more than that, and you don’t want the guilt from not properly exercising your dog to add on to your unhappiness.  What do you do?

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