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You Kids Get Off My Lawn! - Why Your Primitive Dog Hates Puppies and How to Deal with It

Aggression towards puppies is terrifying for puppy and owner alike. We make the assumption that adding a puppy to a household should be easy. Who doesn’t love a puppy? But there are dogs who don’t like puppies or confuse them for prey and the puppy pays ultimate the price in many causes injured and possibly fearful of other dogs. 

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Helping Shy Primitive Puppies Socialize

Even the most diligent primitive puppy raiser can do everything right and still end up with a shy or fearful puppy. Today most advice regarding puppy raising is socialize, socialize, socialize, but that doesn’t work for every puppy. Some puppies respond the direct opposite of all the manuals. They flee from strangers, growl at other dogs, and duck being touched. This doesn’t mean you have a messed up puppy or will have a broken dog. There are still lots of ways to help your puppy become accustomed to the world.

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Mouthing - Forging Relationships with your Primitive Dog's Fangs

Teeth are such a confusing thing. As humans, we react in a variety of ways, depending on how our dog’s teeth are applied to us. Some behaviors involving teeth, we encourage. While others we try to correct. How we describe these interactions varies as well. We call interactions with teeth play, exploration, mouthing, biting, mauling, gnawing, nipping etc. We have to simplify our language if we are ever going to be able to have clear understanding and communication with our dogs. 

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