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Helping Shy Primitive Puppies Socialize

Even the most diligent primitive puppy raiser can do everything right and still end up with a shy or fearful puppy. Today most advice regarding puppy raising is socialize, socialize, socialize, but that doesn’t work for every puppy. Some puppies respond the direct opposite of all the manuals. They flee from strangers, growl at other dogs, and duck being touched. This doesn’t mean you have a messed up puppy or will have a broken dog. There are still lots of ways to help your puppy become accustomed to the world.

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On the Fence- When is Behavioral Medication Right for Your Primitive Dog? 

The truth is, that anxiety and fear are very likely to increase in intensity over time unless there is intervention. Depending on the severity of the dog’s anxiety, a trainer or behaviorist will create a behavior modification plan for you and your dog to follow to try to alleviate the anxiety and potentially recommend that the dog goes on medication in addition to the plan.

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The Sound of Silence - Helping your Primitive Dog with Sound Sensitivity

Dogs are adaptable. They live on every continent besides Antarctica. Fun Fact: The only reason they don’t live in Antarctica is that they were all removed in 1993. Dogs can live near train tracks, construction sites, airports, and anywhere else that is filled with loud noise. So how do we have dogs that are afraid of thunder, fireworks, and even traffic. The answer is habituation. 

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