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On the Fence- When is Behavioral Medication Right for Your Primitive Dog? 

The truth is, that anxiety and fear are very likely to increase in intensity over time unless there is intervention. Depending on the severity of the dog’s anxiety, a trainer or behaviorist will create a behavior modification plan for you and your dog to follow to try to alleviate the anxiety and potentially recommend that the dog goes on medication in addition to the plan.

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Speaking Primitive Dog

Communication is key in any healthy relationship. The traditional model for dog ownership has been that we are a dog’s master and should tell them what to do at all times. Your primitive dog didn’t get this memo and calls “BS” on this human exceptionalist view of the relationship. They didn’t sign up for a destiny of servitude and are relieved that if you’re reading this, you probably didn’t either.

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Help Wanted - Finding a Trainer or Behaviorist for your Primitive Dog

Finding good help is hard no matter what the field. Primarily this is because we are not experts in what we need assistance with, so it can be very challenging to weed out what isn’t going to help us. The unfortunate truth is that many times we don’t find out until after we have made a financial investment and possibly done damage to the thing we are looking for help with. Help for our primitive dogs is no different. 

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