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Eye on the Prize: Tricks for Engagement

One of the best compliments I receive at trials and competitions is how engaged my dogs are with me. Even in the face of other dogs, crowds of people, and even the joyous smells that can come from grass and other distractions, I want my dogs (regardless of breed!), to look to me for fun… And maybe a little food and play, too! So how do we gain focus out and about? We do tricks!

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Why Tricks?

One of the best things you can do is teach your Primitive Dog some tricks.  That might sound a bit crazy, right?  Well it’s not!  In reality, all behaviors are taught to your dog the same way that they would learn a trick.  The “basics” of sit, down, heel, and come, are all about letting the dog know when they did the correct thing, marking that, and then rewarding to reinforce, all in the hopes that they will repeat the behavior when you want them to.  But besides the idea that everything we teach using operant conditioning can be considered a trick, there are many benefits to those silly (but fun!) parlor tricks that so many of us love.  

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