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Routine Maintenance - An Introduction to Cooperative Care for Primitive Dogs

The tone is always the same, that these dogs are dramatic and that we should just ignore it and force them to push through the care they are experiencing. For a dog to express itself it is reaching out to you. It could just bite, but it chooses to try and show you the trouble it is having. And we as dumb humans, laugh and say “suck it up”. How sad for our dogs.

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The Growl - An Important Message You Shouldn't Be Ignoring

When a dog growls at you, it can feel scary, frustrating, or even insulting. Usually we are trying to do something important for our dogs, like be examined by a vet, groomed, picked up, shown affection, etc. When we are growled at we want to tell our dogs they are wrong. We want to make them see that what we are trying to do is not a bad thing. Perhaps we even tell them that their growl is wrong. The problem is that all of these responses to growling are a really bad idea.

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