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Defining Primitive Dogs

What is a “primitive dog”?
Both “cultured” and “uncultured” breeds that still maintain ancient genes, primitive appearance and retention of wild traits. Previous exclusive literature has not benefited primitive breeds and their enthusiasts in the past. Therefore we choose to be inclusive about who fits under this umbrella and we offer a long and exhaustive list of what dog breeds fit. However, if your dog is not included and still shows many of the traits of other primitive dogs, in our opinion you are just as welcome.

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The Future of Canine Understanding is Here!

For far too long, academia ignored our canine companions and humanity was basically encouraged to leave our relationships with animals in the stone age. But in the last 50 years there has been groundbreaking change in the way academia and the world looks at animals, including dogs. Advances in cognition, ethology, animal welfare, and so many more fields, has opened up the world of animal awareness and intelligence to all. But like all science, it is slow to become part of our everyday lives. So today we are going to look at how we can be better informed participant’s in our dogs’ world.

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Your Primitive Dog is Not a Wolf

Forget about “packs”, “alpha”, “hierarchy”, “dominant”, “wolf, wild, or ancestor” nutrition, or any of the other wolf labels we stick on our dogs. They didn’t earn that scarlet letter. They are dogs. Strong, resilient, adaptable, intelligent, and independent dogs, that we invited into our living rooms and on to our couches. Let’s introduce ourselves to them and leave the wolf outside in the forest where it belongs.

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On the Fence- When is Behavioral Medication Right for Your Primitive Dog? 

The truth is, that anxiety and fear are very likely to increase in intensity over time unless there is intervention. Depending on the severity of the dog’s anxiety, a trainer or behaviorist will create a behavior modification plan for you and your dog to follow to try to alleviate the anxiety and potentially recommend that the dog goes on medication in addition to the plan.

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Sharing your Primitive Dog With the World - Therapy Dog Training

Wishing to share your special companion with the world is admirable. I can also be selfish depending on your dog and their ability to tolerate strangers and public places. Most people get into therapy work because their dogs love people, while others get into it because they want to show off their dog. If you’re reading this you are probably in the first category but it is important to periodically self check why you are asking your dog to do this work. 

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