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Don't Leave! - When Your Primitive Dog Doesn't Want to be Alone

Some are destructive, vocalize loudly or constantly, become hypervigilant of where their humans are at all times, while others do all of these signs and more. Many pet owners are unaware that the behaviors their dog is exhibiting are separation distress because there is such a wide range of behaviors associated with it.

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Creatures of Habit: Dealing with Changes in Routine

For many families, the fall is a time of change for much for our routines and schedules. Fall brings new school terms as well as the federal government's new fiscal year. Many people transition to new jobs at this time of year or even start a new education program. A lot of families also get a new puppy. Your Primitive Dog is along for the ride and these changes can bring out stress induced behavior changes that can look strange and mysterious if you forget to consider routine changes. Behaviors such as chewing of furniture or themselves, lack of cooperation, house training problems, and even shyness or aggression can crop up. What adds fuel to the fire is that we are usually struggling through the change as well so we are short on patience and understanding. 

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