Upcoming Live Programs!

Mark your calendars, we might be headed to your neck of the woods! *Most programs have limited space so please click the event to reserve a spot.

March 4th 2018 in Wilmington DE:
Couch Wolves© - 
One Day Educational Program hosted by the Basenji Club of America
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Previous Programs:
September 14th 2017 at 7pm in Clinton NJ:
The Wolf in Your Living Room - 
Understanding Domestication and The Real Reasons Behind Your Dog's Behavior


Live Programs!

Molly and Katie are available to come and speak for your organization or dog training club. We have developed multiple programs covering a range of topics, or we are happy to help design one specifically to fit your needs. 

All full day or multi-day programs have live, hands on training portions for owners and their dogs. Specific problem behaviors will be addressed.


Primitive Dog Ownership and Training


Life with Primitive Dogs can be different than living with other breeds. From puppyhood through adult and senior years, we will talk about proactive development, lifestyle management. Bring your problems and we'll work on dog and human friendly solutions.

Reimagining the Primitive Dog




They said your dog was "untrainable..." They lied! Primitive Dogs are just as capable as their working and herding brethren to perform complex behaviors, compete in dog sports, or simply be a lovely companion.  This presentation breaks down how to unlock your dog's potential.


Take Back Your Walk - Public Manners and Attention


Having a dog you can enjoy in public is a basic expectation most dog owners have, but can be something that Primitive Dog owners struggle with. Our strategies and training techniques take the frustration out of bringing your dog into public, allowing you to enjoy the world together.

The Growlies - Dealing with Reactivity and Aggression


You don't have to live in a war zone! Primitive Dog owners in particular report an array of interactions that can seem like a fight brewing or may actually be escalating aggression in their own dogs. In our program we will explain where these behaviors come from, and help to develop solutions to create safety and sanity.