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Welcome to the Member Forum. Please keep conversations in their designated “channels”. Forum rules can be found at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us or message “couchwolves-admin” in the forum private messaging. Happy discussing!

Forum Rules –


2. Stay on topic!

3. Posts or replies considered inappropriate will be deleted by admins at their own discretion.

4. Posts discussing training will be closely monitored by our admins. We ask that only positive reinforcement based methods be advised unless approved by an admin. If a recommendation is deemed by our admins to be inappropriate, it will be deleted.

5. For posts regarding bites – no training recommendations are allowed. This is to protect both owners and dogs. Any training suggestions will be deleted. Posts regarding the general topic of biting, aggression or other problems are allowed but will be closely monitored. Emotional support for owners with dogs who bite is absolutely allowed and is encouraged!!

6. Before following any off-leash training recommendations, be sure to check with your local municipalities regarding leash/confinement laws, and use common sense!

7. Posts of breeder information, litter information or available rescues must be placed under their designated channels. Please delete dogs that are no longer available.

8 . If you share a pic or video you are giving Couch Wolves permission to share it on our website, teaching materials, or blog (with credit of course!)