Episode 002 - Primitive Dogs as Service Dogs

Hi Couch Wolves Friends,
Welcome to the second Couch Wolves Podcast. The feedback we received from our first podcast has been amazing. We so appreciate that you like the content we’re putting out there.

Today's podcast we are talking about Primitive dogs as Service Dogs!

Regina Lizik  (scarletandbuttons on Instagram)
Courtney Hume (chiyoatyourservice on Instagram)

We covered 5 powerful questions and their answers a fabulous!

  1. Can a Primitive dog be a working dog?

  2. What challenges does a Primitive dog bring to the working role?

  3. Is it hard to advocate for a Primitive service dog?

  4. What are your thoughts on fake service dogs?

  5. What do you wish the public knew about Primitive service dogs?

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Forgive the static and recording quality in a few spots... we're still learning.