Primitive Dogs

Couch Wolves?


There is something powerful about a couch to a Primitive Dog, more so I find than with most other dogs. It is something in their nature. Independent-minded dogs base all decisions on self interest, and well, couches are comfy. It's a no-brainer. Speaking of self interest, this leads to my second observation. My dog is an expletive. I know it sounds harsh but it is true. And I mean it in only the most affectionate tones.

I have a myriad of colorful names for my dogs but primarily they are expletives. Don't get me wrong, I love my dogs with all my heart. The colorful names I use are a sign of respect and awareness for who my dogs truly are. They represent wisdom I will never completely comprehend, a sense of humor not that different from my own, and
a sense of self that I admire. But when intelligence and self interest collide we usually are
left with some colorful and creative, but loving, language.

The Primitive Dog is a less a breed group and more a category. The necessity for this category is to address certain qualities in these dogs that are commonly ignored or misunderstood. It is the ignorance if these qualities that gets these dog and their owners into trouble.

For this site, the term Primitive Dog is used to group a number of dogs based on specific characteristics. I have included many different dogs from all over the world. Primitive Dogs can be selectively bred to do anything from hunting, to herding, to guarding. What all these breeds have in common is their independent nature, close resemblance to their canine ancestors, and selective breeding that has maintained their behavioral and physiological traits going back thousands of years. Some of the dogs discussed are not ancient breeds but instead were created in the past 200-500 years specifically to return a dog to its primitive roots.

This is not to say that dogs who are not purebred, are also not primitive type. Quite the contrary. If a dog has any of the primitive dog traits, then they could be considered primitive type and the information contained on this site still applies. Also feral dogs, island dogs, street dogs, village dogs, and roaming dogs all fit the description and can benefit from the information contained here.

-Molly Sumridge CDBC