Ready, Set, SNIFF!
Week 4

This week is all about ORT boxes! First, do a quick review of your containers back in a normal training spot at home.

Then, take away two of the containers (including the hot one!), and add in two ORT boxes with the lids up just a little bit. One of those ORT boxes should have q-tips inside - you can either Quakehold the tin in, or tape the q-tips in there.

Change the arrangement a few times.

Then take away all of the containers, and only have the ORT boxes out. Make sure that you change how they are arranged as you practice!

Now you can close all of the lids, and practice that way! Continue to vary the patterns.


Practice with both ORT boxes and your original containers mixed in for at least FOUR searches this week, varying the number you have of each. The other searches will be ORT boxes only, and you should take them to all of the places you worked in the previous week. For the ORT boxes, alternate having lids partially open and all the way closed (including on the hot one!).