Ready, Set, SNIFF!
Week 5

Now it's time to start interiors/buildings! Gather as much "stuff" as you can and spread it all out. Among the "stuff," place 3-4 of your containers (including your hot container) and let your dog search for that one.

Reduce the number of containers to only the hot one and a cold one.

Remove the hot container completely and keep a cold container out, and place another tin with scented q-tips on one of the objects. Make sure it is an object that you can remove easily! If your dog gets stuck (like my dog did in the following video), don't hesitate to move around a bit to get them also to move and search their area a bit more.

Continue with random objects and remove them as you make them hot.

Now try placing the metal tin on a permanent object in the space.

Remember, at this point I am just looking for the dog's behavior to change a little when they are in odor (when you can tell that they are getting close!), and for them to maybe stick at source for a second or two. Continue to be very quick to come in with heavy rewards once your dog finds it!

You can now try to put hides in more spaces either on or off objects. Any of the objects used should not be used as potential cold objects for at least a week.

Try working more with your dog on their equipment and on leash! Make sure that the leash is pretty loose so that we don't accidentally pull them off a hide.

Also try varying how long the hides are set for. Leaving too much odor out for a long period can actually be a bad thing as it could overwhelm the dog, so be careful!

NOTE: Cones will never have hides on them in competition! I use cones here to set a boundary for my camera, and later on I'll simulate start lines sometimes. In theory, our dogs should soon be able to tell when the cones mean nothing/are cold, but I prefer to just never use them as hides. 


Have fun with buildings! For each session, only do two to three hides, and be careful not to set hides too close to previous locations. Vary your search locations with these, as well, and do at least TWO searches on leash.