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Molly Sumridge

Molly Sumridge is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant with a masters in Anthrozoology and a deep passion for the human animal bond. She is committed to her vision to make dog training more enjoyable and successful for dog and owner alike. Molly's greatest passion is training primitive dogs and spends much of her free time putting competition obedience, rally, and scent work titles on her Shibas and New Guinea Singing Dog.


  • Master of Science in Anthrozoology (Masters Thesis on New Guinea Singing Dogs and Primitive Dogs)

  • Certified Dog Behavioral Consultant (CDBC)

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge and Skills Assessed (CPDT-KSA)

  • Certified Fear Free Animal Trainer

  • Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructor (CBATI)

  • Certified Whistle Recall Instructor (CWRI)

  • Titled Primitive Dogs in 7 different sports/activities

  • First Rally and Nose Work Titles on a New Guinea Singing Dog.

  • Competed with 4 of her Primitive Dogs at the All Star Obedience and Rally Tournaments.

Molly's Dogs

  • Nozomi Kihaku Tsuki No Usagi - RN, RLP-AOE, RLPX, RL1-AOE, CGCA, CGCU, TKI, "Saga" (Shiba Inu)

  • Kihaku's Road Less Traveled RLP, RLPX, RL1, RL2, NW1, SD-NB, SD-NC, SD-NE, RATI, RATN, RATO, CGCA, All Star Team 2014, - "Journey" (New Guinea Singing Dog)

  • Innisfree Mashigura of Kihaku HIT, BN, PCD, CD, ASCA-CD, CD-C, CDX-C, GN, RE, RL1-AOE, RL2-AOE, ITD, RATI, RATN, CGCA, CGCU, All Star Team 2010 & 2012, - "Mashi" (Shiba Inu)

  • Niji's Queen of the Dragons RN, THD, RATI, RATN,RATO, CGCA, CGCU, All Star Team 2012, - "Saphira" (Shiba Inu)

  • Kihaku's Poetry in Motion RLV-AOE, RLVX, CA, CGCA, - "Haiku" (Shiba Inu)

  • ARCHX Kihaku's Follow Your Heart RL1-AOE, RL1X, RL2-AOE, RL2X, CGCA, CGCU, TKI, All Star Team 2014, - "Tracker" (Australian Cattle Dog Mix)

  • Saras Himalaya's Epic of Kihaku - "Shinra" (Tibetan Mastiff)


Katie Brennan

Katie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant.  She began training dogs professionally in 2011 after having assisted in group classes for about a year.  Also in 2011, she began competing in dog sports with her first dog, a highly fearful and reactive Finnish Spitz named Kimma, and has been hooked ever since.  


  • Certified Dog Behavioral Consultant (CDBC)

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge and Skills Assessed (CPDT-KA)

  • Certified Animal Control Officer

  • AKC CGC/Trick Dog Evaluator

  • Therapy Pets Unlimited Evaluator

  • Put the first MX/MXJ agility titles on a Finnish Spitz

  • First female Finnish Spitz invited to AKC Agility Invitationals

  • First female Finnish Spitz to get an RAE title (second Finnish Spitz ever)

  • First Finnish Spitz to earn any overall scent work titles (Scent Dog Novice through PSD and NW1 through NACSW)

Katie's Dogs


  • AOM CH Finkkila's Kupla CGCA CGCU ITD Therapy Certified - "Bubbles" (Finnish Spitz)

  • TDCH Loistava's Jari CGCA CGCU TKP PSD-NC Therapy Certified - "Jari" (Finnish Spitz)

  • Hartwyn Keepsake Outworld Battle Cry RN CGCA RLPX-AOE ITD - "Sonya Blade" (Shetland Sheepdog raised by Primitive Dogs)


Tori Peterson

Tori is a dog trainer residing in Madison, Wisconsin with a passion for canine behavior, nutrition, and enrichment. She has trained various species including yak, goats, cats, and rabbits. This experience prepared her for the wonderful challenge of training and competing with primitive dogs. Currently, she spends her time training her cat-like Central Asian Shepherd Niki and her dog-like cat Peach. 


  • Graduated cum laude with a BS in Small Animal Science specializing in animal behavior

  • First Central Asian Shepherd to compete in Nosework

  • Put the first AKC Trick Dog titles on a Central Asian Shepherd

Tori's Animals

  • Nikita CGCA TKI TOT Birch Therapy Certified - "Niki" (Central Asian Shepherd)

  • I'm Just Peachy ATC (Advanced Trick Cat - "Peach" (Domestic Longhair cat, might as well be a Primitive Dog)


Courtney Hume

Courtney is a service dog trainer in Tampa, Florida, specializing in the training of Shiba Inus for service dog work. Her love for the human-animal bond and fascination with the brain fuels her work with primitive dog breeds, from companions to the competition ring. Her award-winning service dog, Chiyo Makana, has inspired primitive breed fanciers across the world to pursue more with their best friends.


• Certificate from Duke University in Dog Emotion & Cognition

• Certificate from The University of Edinburgh in Animal Behaviour & Welfare 

• First Shiba Inu to earn the AKC Elite Performance title

• First Shiba Inu to earn an AKC ACE Award for Canine Excellence in recognition of dogs in the service of mankind. 

• Member of Heart of Dixie Shiba Inu Fanciers

• Member of Hillsborough County Truth in Training Ordinance 

Courtney’s dog

• Chiyo Makana TKE, “Chiyo” (Shiba Inu)