Tori Peterson

Tori has always loved animals from the start. Growing up with a plethora of animals has shaped who she is today. She has raised many different animals from a yak to geckos, and has always been intrigued by behavior. She has trained goats to walk on a loose lead and rabbits to pose for conformation shows. She raised lionhead and English spot rabbits for 15 years. 

She spends most of her time hiking and training her Central Asian shepherd. Nikita, or Niki for short, encouraged Tori to start training professionally. The Central Asian shepherd breed can be challenging, which continues to push Tori to be a better trainer. Other than training Niki, Tori spends her free time as a 4-H leader for a rabbit, guinea pig, and small animal club where she instructs members ages 5-18 on how to care for and handle their pets. 

When it comes to dogs, her interests are in nutrition, fitness, and behavior. By focusing on the dog as a whole, Tori has a broad, yet targeted perspective when training animals and building strong bonds between pets and their owners. Canine communication is extremely important for the strength of the bond and is something she heavily emphasizes when working with dogs. She uses positive-reinforcement based methods to drive the dog's desire to work, rather than forcing them to complete the task.

Tori graduated cum laude with a Bachelors of Science degree in Animal Biotechnology & Conservation: Small Animal Science with a specialization in behavior from Delaware Valley University. With an education in the animal science field, she has an understanding of both the mind and body of animals and uses this to form a holistic approach to her training. She stays updated with current scientifically proven methods in training, canine health, and nutrition. She attends the Natural Canine Health Symposium and Raw Roundup each year. 

In addition to training dogs, she has an online school dedicated to cat training and behavior consultations. Tori is also a guest blogger for Kindred Companions, a photographer, and graphic artist.  

Tori's Animals:

  • Nikita CGCA TKE TOT Birch Therapy Certified - "Niki" (Central Asian Shepherd)

  • I'm Just Peachy TKE - "Peach" (Domestic Longhair cat, might as well be a Primitive Dog)

Tori's Certifications, Memberships, & Affiliations:

  • Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs Dog and Handler Team

  • Member of Animals and Society

  • First Central Asian Shepherd to compete in Nosework

  • Put the first AKC Trick Dog titles on a Central Asian Shepherd

  • Put the first Expert Trick title on a Cat through Do More With Your Dog

Past Work and Affiliations:

  • Graduated cum laude with a BS in Small Animal Science specializing in animal behavior

  • 4H Club Leader